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IVA conforming radii
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Author:  cubera [ Sat Aug 08, 2015 5:45 pm ]
Post subject:  IVA conforming radii

Can someone tell me when it was that GTM (Peter and Paddy, that is) modified the moulds so that sharp edges, such as the rear of the front clamshell, comformed with the requirement for a 2.5 mm radius? My 1999 produced kit (No 26) is definitely a sharp edged item, but my 2002 supplied, 2003 registered car appears to have edges which are more rounded. I am hoping I can match the older kit to the newer car, with much abrasion, and so meet the IVA requirements. No doubt there will be other mods to be made, but that would occupy me for now. Of course, paint will be needed after radiusing, but the whole shell needs that any way.

On another note, Sidewinder kindly advised me of the thread form and size for the rear suspension arms, and I thought I'd obtain an appropriate tap. I had a slightly religious moment of the J.C. kind when I discovered the price of a singleton, let alone a set of three! However, Tracy Tools have supplied me with a no-frills, cheapo one for a tenner (plus p&p), which has proved entirely adequate for cleaning up the rusty threads. How long it would last cutting threads from scratch is a moot point, but I have no intention os so doing anyway.

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