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My recoomendations for a Rossa 
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Post My recoomendations for a Rossa
right. im old and ive been running a rossa since 2001
and its my daily driver.
and your not gonna read this anywhere else.
its 1275ccs and its a standard 4 speed.

1. you want a standard late A plus box. no point in close ratios.
this car is heavy so the lower your first and second are - THE BETTER.
the traction is awesome. but a ROSSA is slippery so can pull a HIGH fourth with ease.
see where im coming from?? you will LOOSE acceleration with a close ratio.
a gtm is NOT a mini. our cars are slippery. but heavy . and have good traction.

2. dump all your radiator hoses and the steel pipes and buy 7/8 inch interior diameter rubber radiator hose. you will save weight and its easier to route these slightly smaller hoses. anyone who says you can't hasn't tried it. keep the standard pipes to link to the water pump and the radiator. i then used 1 inch outer diameter aluminium pipe to join. you will need a LOT of hot water and fairy liquid to make the hoses fit. but after they have gone on one time they will be fine and easy afterwards.

2a. dump all those 5/8 heater hoses and fit 1/2 inch

3. run a minispares evolution 2 cam. its a kent 246 for under a ton. !
i may be banned from minispares for giving that away.

4. final drive ?? probably 3.2 but if you put in a 3.7 - your gonna win those traffic light grand prix everytime - but will be deaf on the motorway.

5. mid 90s ford orion 1.6 back box is the way to go. you will need an angle grinder and joining pipes. but its cheap and very effective

6. skoda favorit 1988 - 1995 radiator - how cheap are these? and they fit perfectly. perfectly is relative - its a kitcar you must fettle. but it worked for me - twice. you need a big electric fan on all the time in traffic no matter what time of year. but it wont overheat if the fan is on.
i have thermostat issues - i am contradicted. 88 maybe runs better but i worry.
82 - i don't worry but its doesn't run as well . . ..

7. i cant get my carb warm enough . see my other rants. shell vpower is the best petrol - no doubt there but it has a lot of volatiles - so it makes the intake manifold EVEN cooler. so ive moved to shell fuel saver. if i could warm my carb up enough i would be on vpower. this is ongoing .. . hmm m m

8. fit a 6 inch ram pipe . cut a hole to make it fit. make it yourself. no mini has ever had this.

9. ive been lucky and have read the mythical magazines from back in the day.
the day when all cars were carbs. if you are running higher compression than you should - try shortening the su carb spring(s). it worked for me.

10. the lobes on the 246 are spread out slightly more than a 256. the 246 is slightly less prone to detonation because of this. this mattered to me.

11. absolutely don't fit a big water pump pulley. fit a small pulley.
your water has a long way to go and in traffic is where you want it to move.


Tue Nov 10, 2015 8:39 pm
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Post Re: My recoomendations for a Rossa
Hmmm......interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Wed Nov 11, 2015 9:00 am
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Post Re: My recoomendations for a Rossa
Food for thought and hours of arguing there but it's the voice of experience speaking! Thanks for taking the time to post it - I'm off to check the size of my water pump pulley just in case...... :wink:

Education is important.
Cars are importanter.

Wed Nov 11, 2015 11:10 pm
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Post Re: My recoomendations for a Rossa

I just bought a basket case MK1 and need to re-build. You have just given me the short version Haynes.

From checking the engine numbers it is an MG Metro 1275 with a 3.4:1 final drive so I assume this is in the middle of where you recommend.

I'll post pics of the re-build as I go on.


Fri Oct 06, 2017 8:51 am
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