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sparks what sparks? GTM recommendation for sparks 
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Post sparks what sparks? GTM recommendation for sparks
Hello again. three for the price of one today.

read mister vizards latest books from this century.
they are v8 focussed but very very good.

1. shortened the earth pin on bp6es ngk plugs as per vizard
(ive done a very weird video on youtube about this - search for "12g940 spark plugs" on youtube
i was high on redbull and excitment - its an odd video)

2. fitted magnetic kit to distributor - (contact breakers are awful - get rid get magnetic)
what ive found is the wee magnets in these kits are not necassarily at every 90 degrees
so a cylinder will be more advanced than the others. this is pretty bad.
i stumbled upon a really good pefectly aligned magnetic do dah.
it is coloured black rather than red .
with the perfectly aligned magnets the timing across all cylinders is now spot on.
i have no idea how to test and correct a bad set of magets but there must be a way.

3. always carry spare magentic kit they do fail and ive had a set of magnets fail. weird but true.

4. fit standard plugs with no resistor in them . slightly over gap them and shorten the pin.
i run with out a washer on any of my spark plugs it gets the spark further in. heresy!!

5. make sure all the spark plugs are lined up. the mixture is spinning like a mini pizza
you want the spark to cut the pizza you do not want the earth electrode in the way of the mixture.
buy a load of bp6es or bp7es plugs and use the ones that line up .

6. the lead from the coil to the distributor cap should be copper with no resistance. i made one
ebay has the bits.

7 . use a lucas sports coil

8. spend money and get the low resistance lead set. you want the lowest resistance you can get without zero resistance
my leads were about 10kohms each they are now 3 kohms each - you need a cheap meter to test all this.
im sorry i cannot find the ebay listing but it was something like "low resistance wire wound leads"
you must have some resistance. zero resistance plugs with zero resistance leads gets a worse spark.

9. vizards new books cover resistance he says down to a few hundred ohms may be beneficial

10 . so my total resistance used to be about 14 kohms now ive got about 3 kohms.
my sparks have shorter duration but they are "hotter" sparks.

11. my 1275 runs much better on bp6es rather than bp7es but i dont get the engine hot ever.

all this has made a difference. she starts better idles better, cruises better accelerates better.
it is worth the effort.
but vizard says it may not be worth the effort - but he covers it all.

also with lower resistance the coil doesnt seem to get so hot.

ps i will be going to 155 section tyres soon. HERESY!
but no! the lotus elan from the sixties was 700 kilos had a lovely 1560 lotus twin cam engine and used 155
section tyres. it even looks like a gtm.

Fri Mar 23, 2018 4:23 pm
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