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K series alloy plenums - differences?
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Author:  sanzomat [ Fri Feb 26, 2016 6:31 pm ]
Post subject:  K series alloy plenums - differences?

Hi All, Does anyone know if there are any differences between the alloy plenums from the various models of K-series?

My VVC engine ('98 Mems 2.0) came with a black alloy plenum with VVC lettering. It came with a black plastic 48mm throttle body. My previous 1.6 had been "upgraded" with a similar black/VVC plenum and an alloy throttle body that I thought was 52mm so I swapped it (the TB) onto the new one. Having looked more closely I now realise that the alloy TB is 48mm. As My VVC has had a bit of port work it should be breathing well enough to benefit from the bigger TB so I've been hunting for one at a reasonable price.

I've just bought a complete alloy plenum/manifold complete with a 52mm throttle body plus all the sensors, injectors, fuel rail etc from a later TF (circa 2004). It is the silver coloured plenum with no lettering. I went for this because the whole thing was the same price as the cheapest 52mm TB's i'd found on their own.

When it comes I'll have a choice of just swapping over the TB or swapping out the whole thing. Hence the question - is there any benefit in swapping everything? Is the silver one any better (or worse), are the injectors compatible with the mems 2.0? ditto the MAP sensor?

Whichever way I go I can then sell the plenum and other bits (whichever I don't use) and maybe get most of my outlay back as people seem to be selling the plenums/inlet manifolds alone for what I've paid for the whole thing!

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