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Which cars did Westfield use for the electric conversions?
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Author:  sanzomat [ Sun Oct 02, 2022 3:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Which cars did Westfield use for the electric conversions?

Anyone know which cars had the engines removed by Westfield for the electric conversion projects? Pretty sure one of them was Larkingabout's Spyder but I heard there were maybe as many as three. Reason for asking is one of the engines (plus gearbox and ancillaries) was recently for sale at a place in Birmingham advertised as having been removed from a GTM pursuant to the electric conversions. In the photos it clearly has the GTM specific bits like PG1 gearbox mount still attached. I've taken a punt and bought it in the hope that it is a low mileage one. The engine number suggests it was a crate engine so most likely supplied new when the GTM it was from was built. Mems 3. It has the oil bath oil cooler on the back of the block suggesting it was a later 160 engine and it also has a PRT (although that could have been a later upgrade). I'd like to know the history of the engine as far as is possible.

Also makes me wonder what happened to the cars these engines were removed from. E.g. IIRC Larkingabout's Spyder was top notch. I wonder how far they got with the electric conversions and if they still exist somewhere?

Author:  Elansprint [ Mon Oct 03, 2022 8:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Which cars did Westfield use for the electric conversions?

I think a V6 car was one of them as I had a spare bonnet and exhaust from him and he said he had sold the car to Westfield a blue Spyder I believe

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